Super Science Saturday needs your help!

This fun and educational event cannot happen without your support. 

We welcome all volunteers-- parents, grandparents, science-loving aunts and uncles..

Please note: Volunteers must still pay the family entry fee to the event. 



Your generous food donation will be sold at the event, and the proceeds will be given to the PS29 Science Department and PTA. 



Your trash is our treasure! In the spirit of our eco-friendly theme, we will have a few activity stations that use recycled materials. Please drop off all items in the Super Science Saturday collection box in the lobby of PS29. 

For making t-shirt carves: 

Washed and ideally colorful adult or child T-shirts. 

For making recycled chess sets: 

Rinsed orange plastic Rx bottles and their caps - all sizes

Spare Phillips head screws with pointed tip, any size shorter than a wine cork

Wine corks

Plastic bottle caps and food pouch caps, all sizes

Cardboard egg containers for a dozen eggs

Used wooden block puzzle boards (without their pieces)

Rinsed foil tops from yogurt containers

Spare tacks made of any material

Costume jewelry earrings that are missing a match

For making arcade games and a cardboard city: 

Cardboard boxes (any size) 

Plastic bottles

Yogurt cups 

Bottle caps

Any other structured recyclables (not plastics bags or anything soft)