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What's happening at SSS?

Download our event guide, and scroll down for more information. 

In all 2nd & 4th floor classrooms. Click on the logo for workshop descriptions.

in the auditorium

Brainy Bill Website.jpg

Brainy Bill Louden

12:00 PM: All About Air - Take a deep breath as we learn about gas and gas pressure. Air is all around us, and with the right tools we'll learn to harness it for some seriously cool science. We'll see rockets powered by burps, sub-zero frozen blocks of air, and toilet paper flying sky high!

1:00 PM: Sideshow Science - Learn the secrets of sideshow as Brainy Bill guides guests through the science of some classic routines. Volunteers will take the stage to learn how to tear phone books apart, walk across raw eggs, breathe like a dragon, and more!

2:00 PM: Energy Edutainment - Sure, you've learned about kinetic and potential energy. But what about electrical, chemical, heat, and more? In this energizing assembly, Brainy Bill will use some scientific know-how to create elephant's toothpaste, glowing pickles, and laser-lit balloons!

in room 216

Ranger Eric.jpeg
Workshop Ranger Eric 01.jpg

Ranger Eric is back!

His ever popular SSS show is one of the highlights of the event. 

Ranger Eric.jpeg

in room 220

The Nature Company

Based on popular demand, we have added a second animal show!

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