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What's Happening at
Super Science Saturday

Click The Map to download the event guide.

We will hand these out at the event.



Located in the classrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. We challenge you to visit them all! 


We have something for everyone, and every age. 

Casa Lu Art Space Logo.png

Write Songs About Science! Anyone can be a songwriter. Try your hand at writing verses to songs about science in the world around us.

Screen printing - Leaves Series & Nature-Inspired Stencils Using screenprinting, we will take randomly found tree leaves and transfer their negative space to paper. We'll then use the space created by the leaf to imprint our own ideas and additions using watercolors and water-based markers. We'll be mimicking nature, and we'll also be using nature as inspiration. Children will be assisted through the process, from screen-printing to using paints, markers, and other materials. It will be a fun way to learn and build on what nature has given us.

Water Bottle Planters Join The Craft Studio as we upcycle and do a multi-step Earth friendly crafting activity!

KoKo Logo.png
The nature company logo.jpeg

GIANT Biomimicry Inventor Cards For kids who dare to look closely in nature to get inspired and invent! Join The GIANT Room to invent a “Gem Detector” inspired by bat’s superpower of using ultrasound to find prays, a “communication device” inspired by how trees communicate in the forests, a “Rocket Launcher” inspired by birds of flight, OR… What are some of YOUR ideas? What’s your favorite animal? What’s its superpower? How might its superpower inspire you to invent solutions for problems you care about, or a cool gadget to do things with? We’ll brainstorm, make prototypes, create super cool avatars in collaboration with AI and design our very own unique Invention Trading Cards. Participants will leave the session with a print out of their card, and receive a code in email to download the full deck of cards at home to continue playing and inventing inspired by other kids’ ideas and inventions.

Simple Machines Kids will have the opportunity to tinker and construct simple machines. Learn about levers, wheel-and-axles, screws and pulleys, and put them together to create catapults, vehicles and elevators!

The Nature Company brings the coolest animals for a completely interactive science lesson. You get to meet the live animals, play games, and ask the animal experts questions. Sessions are scheduled: 11:45am 12:45pm 1:45pm 2:45pm

Sean Casey Animal Rescue.png

Anything But A Brush Use a variety of materials to paint, stencil and stamp artwork inspired by animals. From tiger stripes to butterfly swings and hawk feathers. Be creative with your materials!

How to select the right pet for your family. Sean Casey himself will provide pointers on this important topic. Come and meet him and a few of his rescue animals. Sessions are scheduled: 11:30am-12:00pm 12:30pm-1:00pm

Creature Crawl Station & Bug Ballet Studio Complete an creature crawl or bug ballet obstacle course. The course will feature movement patterns that relate to animals. Finish your visit with a trip to an arts and crafts station.

Splat-Lab-2 (1).png
Textile arts center black and white logo.jpeg

Marshmallow Towers Challenge yourself to create tower, made out of spaghetti and marshmallows. How high can you go?!

Suminagashi: Japanese Paper Marbling Suminagashi translated means "ink-floating" and it involves doing just that. Come and learn what is believed to be the oldest form of marbling.

Create Your Own Crown Use natural elements like twigs and leaves to build a costume piece. Create a character around the costume piece, and participate in theater games.

Uncle Tony's Reptile Shack .jpeg

Like snakes, lizards, tortoises and other reptiles? Then be sure to Uncle Tony's Reptile show. His shows are hands-on and interactive, giving an opportunity for all kids to hold animals if you so choose! Sessions are scheduled: 11:45am 12:45pm 1:45pm 2:45pm

Camouflage. Spin a wheel to pick a habitat. Your aim is to camouflage your animal to protect it from the PS29 student predators.

Build and code sustainable habitats inspired by animal biologics in the world of Minecraft.

Stage Shows

In the auditorium
Brainy Bill Website.jpg


Sideshow Science by Brainy Bill. Learn the danger-defying secrets of daredevilry as we explore the science of some classic sideshow routines. Volunteers will take the stage to learn how to tear phone books apart, walk across raw eggs, breathe like a dragon, and more!


Body physical health. Dr. Hugh Gilgoff tells us how to monitor and improve your children’s physical health. A primer of infectious diseases and how to avoid and fight germs. 

Dr Hugh Gilgoff has worked with children since 1986 and is a pediatrician since 1996.  He has been in this area for over 16 years and both his kids went to PS 29!  He is the Pediatric Clinical Director of Pediatrics at the new wonderful NYU cobble hill practice on 70 Atlantic Avenue.  He is available for check ups, same-day sick visits and second opinions as well as video visits and behavioral consults exploring issues such as ADHD, executive function and learning issues.  


Spooky Science by Brainy Bill. How do you make a bubbling cauldron? Can you pop a balloon with light? What does an elephant use to brush its teeth? This show is a hands-on (and safety glasses-on!) experience featuring some of the most popular experiments in chemistry and physics.


Mental health. Dr. Hugh Gilgoff is back to focus on your child’s mental health and emotional well-being and what the next steps are if you are concerned.  


Rocket Science by Brainy Bill. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a burp-powered rocket?! Our imaginations will take to the skies as we explore the four forces of flight, centrifugal vs. centripetal force, rocket fuel, and more!


Dr. Meridith Messinger is a general pediatrician with a special interest in developmental pediatrics and behavioral health with over 25 years of experience working in the Cobble Hill /Brooklyn Heights area.  
She practices at the new NYU Cobble Hill ambulatory facility along with Dr. Hugh Gilgoff and Dr. Amanda Major and she is available for check-ups, same day sick visits and second opinions as well as video visits and behavioral consults.

She will be focusing on ADHD and some common myths and misconceptions families often have about the diagnosis, evaluation process and management of inattention and hyperactivity, as well as touching on anxiety and mood disorders.

Little Explorers

From Brooklyn Play 2 Learn, the masters of math sensory play, we have a space exclusively for kids aged 2-6. With five hands-on activities, this area is perfect for younger siblings and future PS29ers. Located on the first floor, in the Kane Street Outer Cafeteria. 

BKplay2Learn Hi Res Logo.png


Color Sorting

A sensory bin filled with different color and sized pompoms and counting bears. Sort pompoms by color into colored cups and bowls, with different scoops to work those fine motor skills.



A sensory bin filled with lentils, blocks, and a scale. Kids can scoop and explore light vs heavy using the scale.


Visual/Spacial Awareness 


Number Recognition

A sensory bin filled with rainbow pasta with cards hidden inside that show different ways to represent numbers 1-10 (numerals, fingers, ten frames, dots, dice, etc). Find and sort the cards into numbered containers.



A bin filled with different foam shapes and contact paper taped to the wall. Kids will use shapes and stick them onto the contact paper. By the end of the day, we will have made a beautiful picture showing lots of different sized and colored shapes.

A sensory bin filled with rainbow rice and hidden magnatiles. Kids will be able to play with the rainbow rice, while also finding the magnatiles and matching them to different outlined shapes on small magnetic boards.

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