Take a look at our FAQs. 

Entrance Fee and Payments

  • Q: Do I need to pay to enter SSS and why? 

  • A: Yes, there is a fee of $10/ one child and $20/ two or more children to enter SSS (adults are free). The goal of the event is to inspire the love of learning science for kids and their adult companions. While most of the businesses participate for free, there are some who need to charge for materials or staff. We use the entrance fee to pay those fees. The remainder of the money goes directly to the PTA, the science program and garden. 

  • Q: What is included in the entrance fee? 

  • A: Everything, except for food, drink, PS29 merchandise and books to purchase. The workshops are free, but you must have a workshop ticket to attend each workshop. Please see further explanation in the workshop FAQ below. 

  • Q: Do I need to carry cash? 

  • A: You may pay for anything at SSS with either cash or credit card. 


  • Q: How old do my kids have to be to participate in SSS activities?

  • A: The event is geared toward Pre-K to 5th graders, however, there are many experiments and activities that can accommodate kids older and younger. Please use your best judgement and pitch in to help your younger kids when necessary. 


  • Q: What is a workshop? 

  • A: Workshops are 20- or 45-minute classes for kids. 

  • Q: Do I need to pay for the workshops? 

  • A: No, the workshops are included in the entrance fee. 

  • Q: Do I need to attend the workshop with my child?  

  • A: You do need to attend if your child is in pre-k or kindergarten. If your child is in 1st grade or up, please ask the workshop instructor. 

  • Q: Why do I need to sign-up for workshops? 

  • A: Each workshop has a maximum capacity, based on the workshop content. We have found that signing up in advance is the best way to fill those seats. 

  • Q: Is it possible to reserve workshops before the day of the event? 

  • A: Yes- while supplies last. We are releasing half of the workshop seats for pre-reservations. If you purchase your entrance fee to SSS before March 11, you will receive an email with instructions. However, you must pick-up those tickets from the front entrance of SSS 1-hour before the start of the workshop. If you do not pick them up, we will give those tickets away. It's our duty to fill the seats for our local businesses who are hosting these workshops. 

  • Q: Is it possible to obtain workshop tickets at the event? 

  • A: Yes. Half of the tickets will be given out at Super Science Saturday. Tickets will be released 1-hour prior to the workshop's start time. To obtain these tickets, please visit room 211. 

  • Q: Where do I find the workshop information? 

  • A: Navigate to the activities page, and you'll see a sub-page for workshops. 

  • Q: Why is slime not offered?

  • A: The disposal of traditional homemade slime may lead to pollution and environmental degradation. Our SSS committee tried many edible/ compostable slime recipes, and we weren't able to find one that could accommodate the high number kids who participate in the slime workshop. 

Food & Beverage 

  • Q: Will there be food and drink available?

  • A: Yes! We will have sweet and savory food available for purchase. Coffee will also be available for purchase and water is free. 

  • Q: Will you have liquid nitrogen sundaes again?

  • A: Yes! They will be available for purchase. 

Volunteer and Join our Team 

  • Q: How do I help? 
  • A: We always need volunteers onsite, as well as food donations. Please head over to our volunteer page for more information and thanks for asking! ​

  • Q: Is it too late to join the SSS Committee? 
  • A: We'd love to have you! Please join us for this year, or next. We only meet 4-5 times, and you will be working directly with your child/ren's science teachers, as well as some great parents. 


  • Q: Is there a place for strollers? 
  • A: We use up every bit of the school, so there isn't a lot of additional space. However, if you need to bring a stroller, please do. We ask that you find an out of the way spot to stash it. 


More Questions? 

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