PS29's Super Science Saturday


Dear PS29 Families,

At Super Science Saturday, we celebrate and depend on science. As we have seen the news about the Coronavirus and heard from the Governor and Mayor to avoid large gatherings, our committee has been faced with deciding what to do about this event that we love and have worked so hard to plan. To make the decision, we looked to the facts:

Fact: Our kids are a lot more resilient than adults. They are able to go to school and enjoy their school days with the help of our incredible teachers and administration who are doing their best to keep the building clean, and are reminding our kids of good hand hygiene.

Fact: Adults appear to be more susceptible to the Coronavirus, and every child at Super Science Saturday is accompanied by an adult. Every local business who is donating workshops and activities will have an adult present at Super Science Saturday, and some have expressed concern about a gathering of this size. We typically have approximately 600 adults who attend and volunteer at Super Science Saturday (and about 900 kids).

Fact: We have an incredible assortment of hands-on activities at Super Science Saturday. The goal of the event has always been for entire families to roll up their sleeves and dig in, and that is exactly what the CDC is asking us to avoid.

Given these facts, and an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel Super Science Saturday. We will be back next year!

We are truly sad about this change and we appreciate your support. As you know, Super Science Saturday funds materials in the science department and the garden. However, if you have already purchased ticket and would like a refund, we are happy to refund your money. Please reach out to

The Super Science Saturday Committee