We have nearly doubled the number of workshops this year, and we have an incredible assortment of local businesses joining us. Feel free to download our schedule and descriptions below. For additional information on the workshops, read on! 

3D Design with Tinkercad

By Ms. Sperry and Ms. Van Duzer.

3rd-5th Grades.

Put your best math, science, art, technology and design skills to work with Tinkercad, a fun, easy-to-learn 3D design tool!


By Bill Louden Science.

All ages. 

Join science edutainer ‘Brainy Bill’ Louden in an exploration of all things bubble-y! We’ll learn how bubbles form, how to blow bubbles within bubbles, how to catch bubbles without popping them, and reinforce our knowledge of the states of matter. We’ll wrap up with an amazing bubbling potion demonstration using frozen carbon dioxide!

Build Your Own Arcade Games 

By The League of Young Inventors.

Pre-K and up.  

Inspired by Caine's Arcade, join The League of Young Inventors to create your very own arcade game, made from recycled materials. Select from three options and build your own fully-functional game to bring home. 

Celebrate Pi Day!

By Ms. Sperry and Ms. Van Duzer.

4th-5th Grades.

Join Ms. Sperry and Ms. Van Duzer in the library for some awesome geometric coding activities to celebrate Pi day! 

DIY Shampoo Bars

By Butter + Lye.

1st Grade and Up. 

Most liquid shampoos come packaged in plastic bottles. Did you know that it will take that plastic bottle 450 years to decompose?  A great way to reduce your plastic waste is by switching to solid shampoo bars! During this workshop, I will show you all the materials and techniques you will need to make your very own shampoo bar to take home.

Explore the Animal Kingdom

By Brooklyn Game Lab

1st Grade and Up.

Kids will explore the animal kingdom with the fun, factual and fascinating game of Fauna! Do you know where the panda lives? Do you know where the babirusa lives? Do you know what a babirusa is? In the game Fauna, you are not expected to know all the answers, simply gather your wits and make an educated guess. The more you play the better you get!

Lemon Power Forever!

By The Learnatory. 

3rd - 5th Grades. 

Has your flashlight ever stopped working because the batteries were dead? It’s no fun walking around in complete darkness. Batteries are everywhere—in our toys, in our cars, in our flashlights and cell phones. But how do they work? What makes them stop working? You can learn how to make a lemon battery to learn more about these very important devices. You will even use your lemons to turn on a light bulb! It's a great way to see how having fun with STEAM can also help prepare you for a future in electrical engineering! 

Low-Waste Cooking Class

By Tiny Turnips Kitchen.

Pre-K and Up. 

Hands on cooking demo learning how to use all parts of the plant and how to use left overs to make a yummy snack. 

Making Mushroom Paper 

By Firehouse Collective. 

Pre-K and Up. 

Using polypore mushrooms and DIY paper making techniques participants will make their own mycopaper in addition to learning how to find, and ethically forage, for paper-friendly mushrooms.

Introduction to Surfing

By Camp Maritime.

3rd Grade and Up. 

Every wanted to learn to surf? Here’s your chance. Camp Marine will teach you how to stand up on a board using weight displacement, review the different parts of the board and explain the relationship of waves and surfing.

Jelly Bean Engineering

By The Learnatory.

1st - 2nd Grades. 

Amaze yourself by applying serious science and architectural concepts to design, create, and engineer a jelly bean bridge! You will be exposed to the basics of bridges and how different types are built. Then build your own using toothpicks and jelly beans - or marshmallows - your choice! It's a great way to see how having fun with STEAM can also help prepare you for a future in engineering! 

LED Cards & Banana Pianos


Pre-K - 3rd Grade.

Technology and art converge in this STEM activity where children will learn about circuitry to create the most original and maybe even healthy banana piano. What kind of quirky sounds will your favorite fruit make? 

Nature of Things Animal Show 

By Nature of Things. 

All Ages.  

The Nature of Things is an animal and nature education program that brings the animals to you! Children are introduced to live animals from all over the world and use observation skills to get an understanding of where the animal lives, what it eats, how it defends itself and so much more. Each student will be offered a touching turn with certain animals to learn about differences in fur, feather and scales. 

Oceanic Engineering

By Pixel Academy.

2nd Grade and Up. 

With an emphasis on the natural environment, students will receive a lesson on Ocean Climatology by observing and interacting with a fully functioning wave tank. The tank will be a visual and physical representation of oceanic wave behavior and currents. Students will additionally learn about the construction of the wave tank, which utilizes modern technology including 3D printers and laser cutters, helping to eliminate the need to purchase single use parts and equipment. After the demonstration is complete, the students will compete in an engineering design challenge to create aquatic vessels capable of weathering our simulated ocean and storms. They will be able to get hands on with the tank, and construct a seaworthy ship of their very own.

Personal Spa Science

By The Learnatory. 

1st - 2nd Grades.

Join us for this fun, smell-good, feel-good workshop creating your own line of spa beauty products as we do in The Learnatory STEAM “Personal Spa Science” class! In this workshop, we'll make tasty lip scrubs for those winter-chapped lips. It's a great way to see how having fun with STEAM can also help prepare you for a future in chemistry or business! This is also offered as a summer camp, in which you'll learn to make bath bombs, lotions, lip gloss, fragrances, and more! 

Ranger Eric Animal Show 

By Ranger Eric.

All Ages. 

Join Ranger Eric Powers, wildlife educator, as he tells stories about his worldly adventures through the plight of his animal ambassadors.  His LIVE animal ambassadors will educate us about world geography, environmental concerns and their journey to becoming a animal ambassador.  

Rockin' Robotics!

By The Learnatory. 

3rd - 5th Grades.

Come meet Edison! You will be amazed at how powerful Edison is being able to follow even some of the most complex coding instructions. Come see what Edison can do as you explore your imagination, cultivate your innovativeness and have tons of fun! It's a great way to see how having fun with STEAM can also help prepare you for a future in engineering or robotics! 

Rube Goldberg Machines

By Urban STEAM Lab.

3rd - 5th Grades. 

A Rube Goldberg machine is a complicated chain reaction used to complete a very simple task. Design and build your own Rube Goldberg machine with your team using at least 3 simple machines. Let your imagination run wild and as we tinker with the conservation of energy and force in this physics-inspired workshop. 

Sharpie Dyed Ceramic Tiles

By Private Picassos.

K- 3rd Grades. 

See what happens when you combine colorful sharpies with rubbing alcohol! We'll experiment with these two materials on ceramic tiles, with each participant going home with a colorful DIY tile!

Wave Formation

By Camp Maritime.

3rd Grade and Up.

Introduction to wave formation. Learn how to identify different types of waves, learn about wave safety, and investigate what can effect wave structure and strength.

Zachary's Planetarium

By Kopernik Observatories.

Donated by the Pavese Family

in honor of Zachary.

All Ages.

See the wonders of the night sky. Computer simulation and a 360-degree projected overhead view will allow the participants to view the sky from dusk to dawn. See the planets Saturn, Jupiter and Mars along with the gibbous Moon. Watch the evening constellations move across the sky season by season; as the earth travels around the Sun. We will see the Moon go from one phase to another through a monthly cycle. As time permits, we will view some of the Messier objects.


In addition to our workshops, we will have a STEM drop in LAB from 2-2:45pm in Room 408.. 

Stop by the PS29 STEM Lab (in the library!) to try out a variety of awesome STEM centers and Maker Space activities, including: Bloxels video game design, Lego Robotics, Makey Makey, coding buddies for kids in grades 1-2 (code with a big kid coach!), building challenges, and more! 

You do not need a ticket for the STEM Lab. Feel free to drop in between 2-2:45pm. 


On stage in the auditorium, Mad Science will be teaching us about all things water-related. 

Increase your knowledge about the wild & wacky properties of water as we observe how oils & fats don't mix well with water. We'll see air push water up tunes as we learn about the ability of water to be both cohesive and adhesive. Witness important conservation experiments as we learn how it can take up to 2,072 gallons of water to make 4 new tires! Now you're ready to step up to the challenge of everyone's favorite earth friendly game show...What Do We Know About H2O?

Tickets are not required for these shows. Just drop in.