Located in the Cafeteria.


Our hands-on experiments will run the gamut from catapults, to water balloon drops, mirror writing, sound sandwiches, proving Pi, invisible messages and more. We will have something for everyone-- from Pre-K to 5th graders. 


Located on the 2nd and 4th floors


In an effort to help you plan your day better, we are releasing half of the workshop tickets in advance of Super Science Saturday.

In order to reserve your workshop ticket, you must first purchase your entrance fee to Super Science Saturday.  Once you have paid for your entrance fee, you will receive an email with instructions to reserve your workshop(s). 

Reservations are first come, first served, and must be made on or before March 12. 

We will have the remainder of workshop tickets available at Super Science Saturday.

Tickets are release 1-hour prior to the workshop in Room 204. 


Located in the Kane Street Outer Cafeteria


The Green Team is converting this space into our very own sustainable think tank. Focusing on topics such as electrical use, food waste, micro plastics, pollution, and up-cycling. The Green Team will present their very own findings, and provide activities to underscore their message.  They will be joined by some of our earth-friendly local businesses for some additional hands on activities. 


Located in the Baltic Street Outer Cafeteria


Liquid Nitrogen sundaes are back! Sundaes and all other food will be available for purchase throughout the event.


Located in Room 113


From robots to medicine, dinosaurs to electricity, to the earth and beyond. Room 113 will be turned into our very own book fair, focused on all things science. Books for all ages will be available for sale.