Located in the Kane Street Outer Cafeteria


The Green Team is converting this space into our very own sustainable think tank. Focusing on topics such as electrical use, food waste, micro plastics, pollution, and up-cycling. The Green Team will present their very own findings, and provide activities to underscore their message.  They will be joined by these earth-friendly local businesses for some additional hands on activities. 

Curious Jane

Curious Jane's "T-shirt Scarves" are a super fun way to up-cycle all of those old T-shirts you have laying around the house and turn them into a super *cute* new addition to your wardrobe!


Focused on the science + design behind fabric engineering, let's work together and make trash into treasure!


We have collected shirts, but we can always use more! Please feel free to bring your own brightly colored adult or child t-shirts to use for this activity. 

Butter + Lye

Butter + Lye is an eco-friendly company that delivers high-quality natural soap while ensuring environmentally friendly business practices. We emphasize sustainability in every business decision, from our ingredients to our packaging and everything in between, we are sure to do our part to protect the environment while providing optimal cleanliness and care to your skin. Butter + Lye is minimizing our carbon footprint everyday by making eco-friendly improvements to the company such as compostable packaging, carbon neutral shipping, and natural products made with organic ingredients. During the event we will be providing soap and shampoo bar samples (while supplies last) and displaying our line of natural soap products for sale. This will include face and body bars, shampoos bars, and solid dish soap.


Build--a-City is a project about community. We use an inventor’s lens to look at what components make up our community and how we can build and/or reimagine them. Using recycled and repurposed materials in combination with simple electronics, we challenge kids to get creative with unorthodox materials to build and contribute to our city. Students will build and add their creations to the city, watching it grow as the day goes on. They will contribute to our model community, explore how single-use materials can be repurposed and get acquainted with the basics of circuitry by powering the city with our kid-made bike generators.

We will provide chess support for a green activity, where students will be able to create their own chess sets from recycled materials. Staff will be on hand to provide chess materials, instruction, and thoughtful guidance to young creators who want to try out their newly made sets (we'll have some regular sets on had too!). Stop by and celebrate chess, recycling and science!

Don’t throw that away! Did you know you can make a unique chess set or doll collection out of sustainable materials and items conventionally known as “trash.” Learn how to turn that trash into one-of-a-kind treasured heirlooms in this family workshop hosted by ReGift Studio.