Design Irrigation for the Garden

(without power)

No matter the size, watering a garden on a regular basis is essential. But overwatering can waste water and fancy irrigation systems can be expensive. And those P.S. 29 garden beds don’t water themselves! Or could they?

Activity Instructions

for Observers (Pre-K through 2nd Grade) and Explorers (3rd Grade through 5th Grade)

What would you suggest or design to water any garden without using power (electricity)? For now, don’t worry about building one but use your imagination to come up with a watering process or structure that could efficiently and effectively keep the right level of hydration in the garden.


A few hints and guidance:

  • Could something be embedded in the soil?

  • What about harnessing the power of gravity and the weather?

  • Is there something that could work in all seasons? 

  • What about a small garden versus something larger? Would your design work in both cases?

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 9.00.01 AM.png

Turn It In

Sketch your design on paper and upload a photo of it to Padlet.

If you haven't printed the bingo board page, please print it now. Cross off this activity square, since you've completed it.


You'll bring your bingo board print-out to the PS29 garden on  Sunday, May 23 between 2-4pm to collect your prize. If you're not in Brooklyn, email us and we will send you your prize.