The theme of this year's Super Science Saturday focuses around environmental issues and sustainability. Our very own Green Team has been working diligently to identify and research the major environmental issues of 2020. They will present their findings, accompanied by hands-on activities in the green space. 

You'll also see a host of workshops that focus on sustainability and the environment; from DIY shampoo bars (ditch that plastic!), to low waste cooking classes, making paper from mushrooms, and learning about waves and oceanic engineering. While you may not end up making all of your paper from mushrooms, we hope to teach families about current issues in our world, and provide easy ways to make changes to your everyday lives. 

Each and every business involved in Super Science Saturday has also pledged not to use single-use plastics, and with the help of our local community, we are compiling a list of eco-friendly local businesses.

We encourage you to support them by shopping local. 

Last but not least, Super Science Saturday lands on Pi Day this year! We'll have a Pi Coding workshop, a Pi experiment table in the Experiment Zone, and (of course) pie. 


Purchase your entrance fee here, and learn how to reserve  your workshop tickets. 


We're so glad you asked!

There are so many ways to help: by volunteering your time at Super Science Saturday, donating food, or clearing out your closets and donating recycled items for our up-cycled activity stations. 


There is so much happening at Super Science Saturday this year!  For more information, including workshop descriptions and to download a schedule, please click to learn more. 


In loving memory of Zachary Ezbiansky Pavese. 


Many of our Super Science Saturday participants are offering special discounts on camps and shopping for our PS29 families. To learn more, please click below. 


We know this is a lot of information. Check out our FAQs for many answers to your questions. 


Thank you to our generous supporters

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Enjoy the event (we hope so!)? 

Please thank our fellow teachers and parents who make it happen, and please join us on the committee next year! 

Harish Agarwal 

Mike Blanchard

Liz Dore

Teresa Llorente

Skye MacLeod

Claire McCabe

Nick Napoli

Kelly Parr

Karin Pavese

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425 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

PS29's Super Science Saturday